About Mary Beth Walsh

brm_0932Mary Beth Walsh, an attorney, strong advocate for children, families, and a proud Saratoga County business owner is running for the New York State Assembly to continue to fight for our values and our families.


Mary Beth has the experience to lead our community having served in a variety of leadership positions in local and county government, including former Councilwoman in the Town of Ballston, Saratoga County IDA, Saratoga County Ethics Advisory Council, and Saratoga County Autism Council.


As a small business owner herself, Mary Beth knows the difficulties and challenges of running a business in upstate New York, including heavy taxation, government rules and regulations, as well as burdensome state laws.

...Mary Beth is very aware of the challenges facing our families today.

family-300x199Mary Beth currently works at her own private practice and as the Town of Edinburg Attorney. She has been a practicing attorney for over 25 years, and most recently served as Saratoga Assistant County Attorney. As a wife to husband Jim and a mother of 6 in a blended family, Mary Beth is very aware of the challenges facing our families today.


Mary Beth is endorsed by the Republican, Independence, Conservative and Reform Parties.

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