Instill Ethics Reform in State Government

New York State government has been shaken by scandal after scandal. New Yorkers are tired of it, as am I. As your assemblywoman, I vow to fight for some of the strictest ethics reforms in the nation. If public officials are convicted of felonies, they should lose their publically-funded pensions. To address corruption we need to get at its roots by imposing term limits to end unfettered and concentrated power and by passing reforms to make both state discretionary spending and campaign finances more transparent.

Revitalize Our Economy

Our region’s economy is diverse; it includes mom-and-pop shops on Main Street, small locally-built manufacturers and many family-owned farms. We’re highly connected with both transportation and communications infrastructure. There are so many advantages to our region, but job creators are still hampered by burdensome regulations and taxes.


We can turn around New York’s business climate and make our state an attractive place to start a business and grow jobs. As assemblywoman, I will advocate for across-the-board tax cuts and cutting bureaucratic red tape so our economy can flourish and our communities can be revitalized.


Fight for Middle-Class Families

Middle-class families are the backbone of our communities, state and economy, but they have been facing big financial burdens. I will stand up for families by fighting for property tax relief. I already have a great record with families; I kept the Town of Ballston free of a town tax the entire eight years I served as Councilwoman.


I will stand up for families by pushing for more college financial aid for middle-class students and I’ll fight efforts to reward convicts and illegal immigrants with free college tuition.

Revamp Our Education System

As the parent of six children with unique learning styles and different abilities, I know that a one-size-fits-all approach to education just doesn’t work. As your assemblywoman, I will work to bring back local control of our schools, empower parents to advocate for their children, and support teachers who understand the educational needs of our kids better than any bureaucrat. We can best do this by ensuring that our state fairly funds our school and by repealing Common Core.


Protecting Upstate Values

Here in upstate New York, there are many traditions and values that we hold dear. We believe in strong families, strong communities, and our constitutional freedoms. First and foremost, as your assemblywoman, I will stand up against progressive downstate politicians. This includes protecting and restoring our Second Amendment rights.

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